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"I am who I am"



About Felix
Personal Information about Felix Z.Wang

About Felix's Hobbies
Oil Painting, Photographing, Martial Art & Computer Related

About Felix's Study
Finance, Economics, Computer Science, and now Financial Reporting in XBRL

About XBRL


  XBRL stands for eXtensible Business Reporting Language. It's basically a new technical standard for Accounting. Technically, it is a developed version of XML, strictly follow rules designed with accounting standards. Theoretically, because it and combined strength of international accounting officials and computing experts, this technique will or at least is designed to improve the quality and speed of Financial Reporting with Online functionalities. Practically, in a later time, when this language becomes mature, well developed online software will be able to search, collect and analysis targeted financial information automatically. e.g. generating average investment return rate of 30,000 major companies in 100 countries of year 2006 in minutes or seconds (comparing with human may take weeks or months), live time financial reporting.. etc.


  It is first developed in USA by the XBRL international and has quickly spread through out the world. Many countries has already planning to make it mandatory in certain parts of financial reporting field. e.g. The deadline of UK Tax filling to HMRC is 31 March, 2010. If you are working in Accounting and Finance Sector but still don't know any thing about XBRL by now, probably it's time to think about it carefully and starts to study about this new concept. Www.XBRL.Com is the first place to start with. There are a few recommended books and articles to look up on my research website Www.XBRL.CN. Of course, if you'd like to take time to help me a little bit on my research as a reward, please do not hesitate to fill in those forms on my questionnaire page of XBRL.CN website. Thank You! ;)


  I list a few of my draft papers and files for presentations here. Hope they will be helpful if you are interested :


A Brief Technical Review for XBRL

The Benefits and Problems of Using with XBRL

BAA Annual Conference Presentation 2007

About Felix's Business
WebTech Edinburgh Ltd.
Registered in Scotland. Official Website: Www.WebTech.Ltd.UK and Www.WebTech.Me.UK
Provide Website Design, Photographing, and IT Services; with a Online Digital Product Shop

About WebTech Edinburgh Ltd.


  WebTech Edinburgh Ltd. was officially registered by me in Scotland in 2007. We offer quality and speed website design services for local businesses and a few linked international cooperative companies. The companies was originally called Dreaming Website when I first had this business idea of doing a website design company in 2006 (Www.DreamingWebsite.Com) However, a few of my primordial clients complain that the business name was too childish. One of them suggests Websites4u (Www.Websites4u.Mobi), so that I can join him and put my advertisement on the window of his shop :). Any way, by now since most friends and myself are contented with what it comes out in the end, I decided to keep WebTech a the business name of my Web Design Business.


  Currently, I am planning to develop the second part of my business ideas, which is Favorite Digital, which aims create an Online shop from International Suppliers for international Customers (only selected digital products are available at the moment), hugely shorten the product supply chain, using a three dimensional website system created by myself. I'm still on the trial stage and the business name is not defined yet. So if you are my friend and have any good ideas about what the business name can be, please just give me a hint, I need your inspirations. :) Meanwhile, you are more than welcome to visit my online shop now. All listed produced have been ensured quality, functionality, style, availability and delivery. They are also listed on ebay, so you can have a good trust on them.  


Here, I sincerely thank all those friends who has hugely encouraged me on building websites from 2000, teachers in my entrepreneurship studies, and my first clients who prompted me to do the business.

About This Website
Why did I created this website, and how its going to be in the future..


"Share the Treasure of life with my Family and Friends"

-- 汪振坤。Felix 2005



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