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Welcome to About Me Page!

The least thing to say about myself is actually on this "about me" page. Obviously, when you are visiting this website, most chances are that you are already my old buddy. Therefore, you may already knew my name, social status, etc. during our physical meetings. Below, I'll just give a brief of who I am and what I do, so that you won't miss out information in time limited (e.g. travel) or noisy environment (e.g. pubs) circumstances. Also, if you are a first time visitor of this website and you actually do not really know or meet me before, here just gives an introduction. Everyone is more than welcome to leave me a greeting message or comments about this website, on "message" page.  ^_^


  Name: Zhenkun  Wang (汪振坤)     English Name: Felix


  Constellation: Aries           Nationality: CHINA   


  Birthday:  3rd March (in Chinese Lunar Calendar Only)


  Major:  Finance, Accounting, Economics & Computer Science (XBRL)


  Current Position (2006~2009): 

       1.PhD Student of Finance & Accounting, Napier University Edinburgh

        2.Director and Chief Designer of WebTech Edinburgh Ltd. 


  Research Area/ PhD Research Topic:

       Financial Reporting with XBRL and its Impact to the Accounting Profession


  Research Website: Www.XBRL.CN


  CV  Online:  http://wzkfelix.net/cv 

For the latest information and contact information about me, please visit the new version of this website, which is Www.WzkFelix.Com (English) or Www.WangZhenkun.Com (Chinese). However, those sites are password protected for security issues. Normally, only old friends or relatives are given this password. Sorry for those anonymous visitors.

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