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Drawing & Oil Painting
"Life up my Spirit and makes me calm.."


Painting and Drawings

I paint nature landscapes mostly. There had been three stages since I actually started to enter the world of art. First stage is on the period when I just finished high school, and is having a holiday in Dunhuang, before entering an University I never thought of and doing a major I never wanted. It was uncle Wang Feng's Studio that brought me into this special world, and the art gives me back courage to live, energy to endeavour, and feelings to love the nature. Then in the second year of my first University, I found Qi Hong from the Art Institute nearby my University, and learnt a lot from their school from him. It is this second stage that I finally managed to set up a studio of my own, and started doing a lot of drawing and paintings seriously. Finally, after I came to the UK, I can travel a lot freely to galleries around Scotland, London, Paris and many other countries of Europe. This third stage exposed me to million of great art works through out human history. My mind of "best paintings" has been set free. Now I can just paint very fast whenever I really want to. Yet, I can only rank my skill level to about intermediate. Wish can find another period of time in my life to do a lot of practices. . . ^_^

Series: "The Shape of My Heart"

Although many more paintings are sitting in a very quiet room of my home in China, or in many friends' houses. I can show you a group of painting that I did in London. This series of oil paintings were painted between 05 summer and 06 Spring. My heart has been experiencing a hard period of loneliness, pain, as well as happiness. Every piece of the art work represents one aspect of my heart. Hope you like them.


Random New Oil Paintings

Below are a few new painting that I have done in Edinburgh. I'm still working on the theme "Gold Seasons", while prepared more portraits for the new theme "Love Hurts". The first four paintings are from the first theme. Last four are half day studio works done in Edinburgh College of Art.


Random old Colour Pencil Drawings

I love colours, so even with pencil I still prefer to do them with colours. Here are a few of the drawings from my old sketch book. The third and fourth drawing were done in St Andrews, Coast (2003) & Castle Ruin (2004). Sixth was Sun Set on the top of Eiffel Tower in Paris, when my camera was out of battery. Seventh was done around Germany when I was travelling around Europe with Contiki. Eighth was on my birthday in Egham, when I was done my Master's in Royal Holloway University of London. Finally, the first one was the first summer after I moved into London centre in 2005 with Rachda. Golden leaves in Battersea Park was so falling so beautifully as I remembered. :)


As you many already noticed, the drawing on the left is actually a draft before I paint the oil in the second photo of this web page. ^_^

Some other times, I would just use oil based pencils to do the sketch directly on the canvas.


Random old Black-White Portrait Sketches

Thanks to those friends and classmates who have been supporting my art studies and modelling for me. Earlier since year 2000, when I was still in my undergraduate's in China, almost each of my flatmates has been chased and under the torture of my pencils for at least three hours. Not to mentioned those other dozens of my relatives and two dozens more other random college or art class models.. . ^_^  Although my drawing skills is still not good enough to capture the spirit, each of my progress in portrait art that has been made so far was contributed from your kind supports. I would remember that, and these warmth will always be shown in my future art works.    


Random Figure Drawings

I only started to do figure drawings since year 2009, when I determined to enhance my portrait skills, rather than mostly landscape. This is to prepare for my next oil painting theme which will be focusing into people. Sketches below are random two-hour studio work in Edinburgh College of Art or Leith Studio. I learnt more skills in ECA, but the Sunday Studio in Leith has given me more spaces to practise.     


Summer School Photos

One of the art classes that I have enjoyed most is the ECA summer school (including continuous ECA evening classes). Although these can not compare with the unlimited studio time & space I had in Bengbu Art College (China, when I was doing my banchelor's) and my uncle's studio in hometown Dunhuang, yet the time spent there are my most enjoyable moments since I came to the UK. 

Some more photos and paintings of my classmates are available here: http://wzkfelix.com/friends/ecasummer/



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