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First of all, sorry for not having enough time to update my website yet. I'll currently trying to get focused on my dissertation and finish my PhD as soon as I can (should have been completed a long time ago).

During the time gap between the last update of this website till now (over a year, sorry), I have spent most time at home and University Office, while accepting less business clients. A lot of happy time with my family, club mates, and more art classes. So many thousands more family, friends and party photos as usual, which will be uploaded later. ^_^

Latest events: Chinese New Year Parties & Landscape Pics

It is more convenient than email by leaving a message on the message board, when you just have few words to say, or just wanna give me a quick recommendation of the site. Of course, there are many other options. You can also register in my forum, as a regular visitor of my website, which will also allow you to see my detailed current address and access to massive multimedia resources.Please Click Here to enter my English Message Board ~~

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As Requested, more photos of my paintings & drawings
   are uploaded in My hobbies - Oil Painting page!

More Community Albums added in Friends:

New Friend Photography Album Added: Cherie Chen

Some answers to the most frequently asked questions, especially if you are a stranger visitor, who did not
knew me in real life. ..

If you have any other questions or enquiries, please leave me a message in the message board. Or send
me an email to felix@wangzhenkun.Com

Online Form-Mailer is also available at: Simple or Advanced



Every "Recent" page will be archived into "Journals" once updated. Typical Pages: 

I am now living in Edinburgh Centre("Royal Mile"). Friends Visits Welcome! Tea and Karaoke Service Provided. ^_^

This page will publish the most recent multimedia resources that have just been found and cherished by Felix. Contents include:

More Resources are Archived on:

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MountainsAlthough the journal pages already have a great number of my photos, the album page will expand a few topics into more details. They are categorised into: Family, University and Travel Photos. Find the moments that we were sharing together.

                                                    Mr. Zhenkun Wang (FELIX)



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